Mariana Docampo
Academic and Founder, Milonga Tango Queer, Buenos Aires
Hooked on Tango since 1998

“I used to be a milonguera in a short skirt – but I wanted to dance with the girls. I began dancing tango at a práctica called “El Gallito.” There I learned my first steps and then I began to go to milongas. Soon I started taking classes. After four years as a follower, I began to learn the leader’s role and I began teaching women to dance both leader and follower roles in dance studios and in a place called La Casa del Encuentro, a place only for women. Later, I opened Tango Queer in a bar called Simon en su Laberinto, open to everyone and where everyone could change roles freely.”

Diego and Zoraida by People of Tango

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