Edgardo Fernández Sesma | Tango Teacher & Activist | Photographed at Lugar Gay, San Telmo, Buenos Aires – May 2016 | Hooked on Tango since 2003

When I started dancing tango, the hardest thing for me was my relationship with my partner. We were together for 16 years. He still says that tango was the cause of our break up, that ‘tango destroyed our family.’ I can’t know if that is true but it is true that from the moment I started dancing I had spaces in my life of such liberty and of such strong connection with other people – and the corresponding confusions. It caused a lot of conflict.

Before tango, I was a robot. I had a job at an international corporation. I had a great salary, everything was fine – but it was a little boring. Soon dancing tango became the best part of my life. Nothing could rival it. When they opened La Marshall I was very happy because I could now dance queer tango twice a week. Today you can dance every night of the week. I could never get away from tango. From the first class, I was hooked.

Diego and Zoraida by People of Tango

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